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watching, i am charles payne, we'll be back tomorrow night, i need your help, get those numbers up, come home early friday, tell your friends to watch, and have a great night. lori: a very good evening thank you so much peer being with us, i am lori rothman in for lou dobbs. >> obama administration making its case for taking military action against syria, briefing lawmakers about their conclusion that syria government carried out a large scale chemical weapons attack, tonight we speak with fox news military analyst, general jack king on whether the president is justified in takes action. even without the backing of allies or the united nations. >> and questions remain about our involvement in libya. and the terrorist attack in
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benghazi, we'll talk with larry ward, a group of special operation veterans who are calling on house speaker john boehner to create a appreciate committee to -- special committee to investigate the attack. >> and administration refusing to enforce a law it does not like, now giving states green light to adopt regulation legalizing small amounts of marijuana, dobbs law takes up the case with our attorneys, ww begin with new obstacles blocking the formation of a coalition of the willing to strike syria. britain's defense secretary saying, that the u.k. will not take part in any military action against syria, after the government unexpectedly lost a parliamentary vote on the issue, and france prepares to wait for result of u.n. investigation in syria, which are due saturday,
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our secretary of defense, chuck hagel, saying if u.s. moves forward it will be with allied support. >> we garding syria -- regarding syria, we continue to consult with our allies, as i think has been made clear by president obama, and i have said it on a number of occasions, if any action would be taken against syria, it would be an international collaboration. lori: it is clear that the obama administration will not be acting in concert with united nations, blaming the russians for obstructing movement within the security council, but president discussed situation with house speaker john boehner today, it remains to be seen if the to the will ask congress for approval before ordering a military strike, ed henry with this report.
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>> reporter: syrian president assad remained defiant, denying his forces used chemical weapons, as u.s. military moved a fifth warship toward syria, and white house officials hit hard with questions about there are iraq, insisting they have an air tight case over last week's chemical attack. >> this is not appropiate for totalitarian dictate ores to eors to flauttthem with inpunty. >> i think that the facts will be on the president's side. >> reporter: president signals to pbs he is headed to military action without other from congress or u.s. >> we send a shot across the bow saying stop do this, that could have a positive impact on our national second so, the long-term. >> reporter: retired major bob scale said it is not just a shot
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across the bow and warned of a wider conflict if assad responds, with striking to israel. >> nobody knows where this is going. >> reporter: senator obama in 2008 warned against symbolic threats against syria and iran. in a interview in 2007 he took a poke at then president bush declaring that iran and syria would change their are halfior if they had some incentives to do so. in his 2002 speech, calling iraq, quote a dumb war, for obama acknowledged that saddam hussein used chemical weapons on iraqis but added quote he can be detained until in the wake of all petty dictators he falls away to u to the dust bin of hi.
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>> we're seeing right now is russia repeatedly block effort at u.n. on hold assad regime accountable, the president of the united states is not going to allow that be o obstruct to prevent him from makin decisions in the interest of our security. >> reporter: they say that president is considering a much smaller mission here. no ground troops, no goal of regime change. lori. lori: thank you ed henry. >> members of congress not only ones expresses reservation about u.s. military attacking syria. james rosen with a look at effort to sell our allies on a strike. >> reporter: for british prime minister cameron, sudden and stiff resistance within parliament to the participation in allie strikes against syria.
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>> the question facing this house is what if any military action we should take. and what criteria which determine that decision? >> is not because of the horror of the weapons, but because the american president foolishly drew a red line, because of his position now he is going to attack or face humiliation, that is why we've been drawn into war. >> let's not pretend there is one speaking piece of intelligence that can solve the problem. >> it is not about invading it is not about regime change. >> the biggest danger of escalation, is if the world community stand back and do nothing, i think assad will draw very clear conclusions from that. >> reporter: and a legal justification for military intervention that cited humanitarian grounds, u.s. officials indicated a willingness to move without 10
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downing. >> we have said that the president will make decision and will act on any response on our own timeline. >> reporter: syria and iran have vowed to lash out at israel in the event of alied attacked on the assad regime, they have assessed that the chances are slim, neither syria more erain is will to be iran is willing to risk a force actual counter strike. >> despite low probability of an israeli involvement. we decided to deploy the iron dome batteries and other interception systems. >> reporter: as we've been reporting, british parliament voted to reject an authorize of force, and prime minister cameron said he will not override the parliament.
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senior officials in obama administration confirmed that the targets were among options that were presented to president obama. lori: washington post also out here with a controversial new report details how much money the u.s. allocates to the 16 intelligence agencies, and what each agent does with the funds, top system rhett black budget was -- secret black budget was geffen to the post by place leaker snowden, shows a $62.2 billion budget allocated to the intelligence community for this fiscal year, among top spenders cia, and then nsa. and national reco reconnaissance
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office. some are furious about the disclosures. >> joining me now to an laze the situation in syria -- analyze the situation in syria, general jack king. welcome, sir. >> glad to be here. lori: the question are whether or not the u.s. will engine engage syria has dominated the headlines. >> i do believe that united states will conduct a strike. that red line has been crossed, it was crossed once before, it is intolerable to have it done again with the casualties, i would hope that administration would take a strategic view, and try to accomplish something with the strike. and recognize we have an opportunity that assad is
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provided us to move the advantage to the opposition forces. right now assad has momentum. and the fact is that if you took down a significant military capability that's assad has, then you will make a difference. believe me, he did not use chemical weapons thinking he would lose his air power, we have the capability within the limitations of what we believe the president will do, to take out his 6 primary airfields, his airplanes, number less than a hundred, and infrastructure that supports it, logistics, and depots, and ammunition, and fuel storage sites, we should also now arm the moderate rec el rebo are leading opposition forces, they are geographically separated from the jihadists, they have been receiving weapons
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from saudi arabia for 6 to 8 months now. none of those have wound up in the hands of the jihadist. lori: what are the risks of the limited airstrike? we're telegraphing in certain ways what they are. >> that is a great point, the strike should have been done years ago. we should have inform the u.n., informed congress, consult with conditional leader, inform our allies who have the capacity to participate, give them a date we'll participate on. then execute, it should have been over.
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and what we're doing now is just making it much more difficult, and frankly, as you so wellpoint out, we're giving assad extraordinary amount of time to make preparations to avoid some of the effects that the strike would have. lori: what is likelihood that u.s. is only member of the coalition of the willing, with late word out of england, parliament voting to reject military action in syria. is seems this week that france was onboard, and england now they are jumping back, almost leaving u.s. alone. >> they want political cover, they want a report out of the u.n. of all things. listen. lori, we have -- this is not iraq. this is people who have been hit by chemical weapons, the doctors know that, the doctors who watch videos know, that only issue is who did it. we have intelligence forces who
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have i believe solid information that there were rocket delivered ed chemical weapons. only the syrian military has that capability, the opposition does not, it is easy to verify with witness testimony, i think we have that information for the life of me, we don't need a u.n. report but some politicians want it, which is dragging this on longer than it needs to be. lori: we're looking at devastating victims, is there anything more we can do to aid in humanitarian effort, a hundred thousand people dead, hundreds of thousands more refugees right now. >> if i could bridge the opposition leaders in here, i have member of the institute of study of war who have regular contact with them, they would say to americans is, do what you can to stop the killing, stop assad from killing us, he bombs them, he uses artillery, attack
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helicopters again them, now chemical weapons, and by this we can begin to do something about that. opposition % ons in time, if we give them a military advantage, do are the capacity to topple the regime. it is their job to do that, not ours but we have to give them a military advantage. we can use the strike to help that along. lori: general jackson king thank you, certainly appreciate it very much. >> good talking to you. lori: so much more on syria situation, little later with the a-team. >> new data shows u.s. economy glowing and jobless claims slowing, and the market done sell-off, and global chief investment strategist steven -- telling us if the street is ready for fed tapering.
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lori: wrapping up day on wall street stocks moderately higher dow gaining 16. s&p 3, and nazdaq 27. precious metals closing just bethrow 1413 per council. oil crude down. in bond market. benchmark. 10 year falling to 2.76%. >> hundreds of fast-food workers hungry for more pay, walking out of their jobs forcing the closure of at least one mcdonald's in detroit, protests took place in 1 14 many
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cities -- in many cities demanding pays to $15 an hour. my next guest said that conflict in syria creates a unfriendly environment for the markets despite some up lifting economic news today, welcome steven whiting. syria, a new worry that many investors are not app days pay theeing, how does it affect the market. >> it added to a range of concern, tapering issue by fed goes on and on. the general troubel that has been in emerging markets, trouble to get savings flows they had in past decade, a lot of turmoil in the currency markets. lori: why is that important? many are hitting multiyear lows right now? >> this is a big trend change, in last decade dollar fell in 8 out of 10 years through 2011,
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and domestic investors tried to move their money overseas are international investors tried to leave dollar-based assets but the dollar got cheap, a lot of things like pick up in crude oil supplies from united states, making effect of syria and other disruptions in the middle east minimal, which is attracting flows to the u.s. dollar again. >> many u.s. investors diversify with investment in emerging markets, extreme outperformers, over the last decade, is that now reversing? >> it is reversing it depends on the place. north asia has trade surpluses, a lot of cases right new we have pressures are emerging countries with trade deficits, where someone has to hold their currency. lori: i understand that foreign investment is coming out of u.s. treasuries as well, part of
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reason that interest rates are going up here, what is going on with market mack nations right now. >> where treasury wields were in pay -- yields in may. this is a really rich bond market, the fed had a lot of influence, equity have been able to hole on and move up, we're deep with record profit territory. investors accepting negative real returns. lori: what is our outlook for u.s. equity. >> 25% is backward return over the last year, it rarely gets better, but first half of the year was 14%. and you know there have been 6 years since world war ii you had 28% or more, we're not looking for that strong return, but, haven't a steady valuation over the coming year would get us a 9% return.
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lori: we have latest reading on gdp for second quarter, they do three takes this is the second take, strong revision from 1.7 to 2.5%. driven by an increase in improvement in u.s. exports, and also inventory builds, from what i understand. at 2.5 per growth, shy of the fed's target to -- or projects for next year of i believe over 3%. >> 3 and a quarter. lori: are we on pace to really support a taper by the end of the year in reduction of the asset? >> as one fed official said you don't walk up to ally kno to a d flinch. most important message out of data in first half of the year growth is close to 2%, we had largest tax increases and spends cuts since the nea vietnam era.
7:23 pm
it has been doorable. lori: slow and go, would you say that the taper is baked in at this point? could we see roiling when it happens? >> i think there are holdouts for qe2 infinity. i believe september 19 i believe. lori: the next fed meeting. thank you. >> thank you. lori: if you thought obama administration gun control were dead in the water think again, we'll tell you what the to the did today to limit your second did today to limit your second amendment rights, that is next.m their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card
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lori: vice president biden talks about a second amendment rights the first regulation requires a background check register george trust corporation the second has military grade fire arms to military allies from not being we imported into united states saying
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we've remained committed to get legislation through congress. >> i have said many times the best way to reduce gun violence for congress to act on the common-sense proposals like expanding background checks in make trafficking a federal crime. i want you to know we remain committed to get this done. if congress won't act we will fight for a new congress. it is that simple. we will get this done. lori: biden spoke at the swearing in for their new head of the etf swearing in. also fits the president's own alma mater find eaton control does not reduce crime. looking at international crime data that country's
7:28 pm
the hired gun ownership has low word murder rates just like russia is 4,000 per 1,000 about 400 people murdered for everyone pitcher thousand residents that that is a higher in finland in the murder rate was near zero almost two people murdered for every 100,000 residents. will the president's organized labor buddies expressing frustration with obamacare here is richard trumka at a christian science monitor breakfast this morning. >> the affordable care act is a major step in the right direction. i said we made some mistakes along the way. it still needs to be tweet. it was not thought completely through and the other mistake is to take away government's power to use the buying power to
7:29 pm
drive down the price of prescription drugs. lori: he went on to specify the possibility union members will lose health insurance because some plants will not qualify for the tax subsidies for craig to report finds 4 percent of americans nearly 9 million use prescription sleeping pills but women or white or those 50 years old there are more likely adults should get between seven and nine hours and rebates but with the one-third of us get less major drug manufacturers are ready to pursue stores that sell their brand names including xanax or by kitchen they said they are a parity of pop culture there is a prescription drug use it should not be trivialized
7:30 pm
or glorified. >> north korean leader ex-girlfriend was one of one dozen people executed by a firing squad last week, the reason much you was allegedly involved in a porn scandal with videos available in china. in north korea up to 50 percent of the population is addicted to crystal health but they are against board? -- pornography? >> we have why that top cops have put away the reid wacker. "dobbs' law" is next.
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lori: california crews battling a giant wildfire around the vicinity reporting some progress now
7:34 pm
30 percent contained and firefighters are confident containment lines are holding. so far it has destroyed 100 structures including 11 holmes charring 192,000 acres making it the sixth largest ever in northern california. the justice department announces it will not sue colorado and washington to legalize recreational marijuana as august gave follow guidelines heather, your thoughts? >> at least -- and leaves federal prosecutors what they can't pursue or not those guidelines say anything to do with children or other crimes are going back to where it is not legal but it does give them
7:35 pm
the way and prosecutors will say i don't know what to prosecute. >> don't we accuse them to be too involved? >> but this was a problem problem, right away we said it is still illegal under federal law and i said at the time the doj it is part of the did permit the justice they said workout a workable proposal but with the guidelines to be easy to criticize the government they cannot not enforce the laws but we talk about prosecution discretion and i have no problem. lori: so is the president choosing which law he chooses? >> this date is expected to enforce this law and expected a lawsuit they quoted somebody that said we were expecting we would have
7:36 pm
to defend a lawsuit. >> but it does bring up the issue we have to pick and choose if it is not did not. lori: just look at venice beach. [laughter] >> apparently making a fantastic point but i will tell you right now if you legalize certain things. >> and with taxes there is no necessary correlation but look at statistics to figure it out because if usage goes down than legalize. >> before it a good shooter was sentenced to death he is required to appeal the death sentence. we know he defended himself but he cast have been a defense attorney this time.
7:37 pm
does that complicate? or how costly will lead the? >> forever there are two different appeal courts the past to go through with attorneys representing him he may have of very different outcome those special attorneys that are asked to step in during the trial tried to step in and they were not allowed so if they had the opportunity to put forth that case that will strike out forever. lori: we know he wants to die in become a martyr now he has good defense attorneys so maybe they will put at case together that the president has to approve the death penalty and he will not get what he wants. >> here is what is very interesting to regular civilian if somebody is sentenced to death they can waive the appealed but in the military i looked at the statue of article 61 says it all cases a defendant can
7:38 pm
waive the appeal except death penalty that is interesting why? we all remember the executioner's song but the fact of the matter is he rendered the ineffective dissent acting as his own lawyer. >> that was his own end game >> the only saving grace he is no longer paid in the legislation that will be brought forward. lori: you may find it interesting that they have overturned 11 out of 16 death sentences one involves half the case in montana the district judge apologizing for save the 40 year-old girl who was raped by a 54 year-old teacher and later
7:39 pm
committed suicide, the woman committed suicide that she was in control is just as much as a teacher and was older than her chronological age. he is out of his mind. >> goes for unfounded, and unnecessary inoffensive but unfortunately the sentence itself was not unfounded base of the sentence hit was the pleats -- a plea deal so he was just deal lets -- dealing with some violations had he just kept his mouth shut we would die even talk about this. >> did judge -- if the judge should not make comments like that not that they were ever appropriate but now with political correctness but she acts inconsistently with her age bracket and then she committed suicide.
7:40 pm
>> i am not just sure what i was attempting to say but it did not come out correct. [laughter] lori: thank you so much. less than two weeks away from the deadly attacks at benghazi but one organization says it will expand the investigation. we will tell you who they are targeting next.
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lori: turning to ben gauzy questions remain unanswered but one organization is putting political pressure on a controversial billboard asking congress to create a special committee to investigate the attack political director for special operations, at larry
7:44 pm
cover your organization claims house speaker is directly impeding the investigation. why you think he is doing that? >> you will have to ask him why his statements are clear he thinks he can handle the investigation and we think he is wrong. 560 and being committees don't have the appropriate subpoena power to subpoena the levels of intelligence needed in those members to have the clearance to read those documents so in terms of what we talk about all we will wind up with is a bunch of redacted documents and stonewalling we need a committee that has subpoena power with the clarence to read them and actually take some action to get truth and justice. lori: what is your opinion
7:45 pm
what the truth is? as you explain that protocols can you explain the details that your committee can uncover? >> it is difficult because there's so many conflicting stories about government, and missiles, kidnapping, it doesn't really matter. lori: what do you believe? >> i think there was some gun running vb missile running. there is a lot of different reasons why it happened but most importantly we need to know who was responsible who gave this been down order am left government there to die? also why the cover-up? why is the cia polygraph seeing its employees? lori: so house speaker bay near did suggest that if the
7:46 pm
house people were killed in the investigation would be on the fund -- front burner. >> absolutely it is sad to say but true we just want to get back into the head of congress our goal is to reach 280 members of congress to design this resolution three '06 or one speaker of the house to come to his senses. there is 166 members that have already ; and 36 is of a select committee ian and john baker has started a wave that select committee committee, so what we do right now is say all members you have a moral obligation to follow up on what you believe what white. lori: you would co-sponsor house resolution of 36 we are begging and implore you to please sign the document
7:47 pm
discharge petition. at the same time i will say something right now. i think the speaker said, ' on 9/11 at the capitol i would invite him to come out to speak to america to tell us if he will form a select committee or why he will not let's get to the bottom of it. lori: very close to the one-year anniversary, one more question more officials plan on the administrative leave having given their jobs back. was that appropriate? >> absolutely not it is deplorable. with this administration who is accountable for anything? especially the people who put their lives on the line that is to be protected by u.s. government would dare not no one is held accountable and the secretary of state says what difference does it make a friend of congress? with you.will check back
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thank you for your opinion and analysis for obama is set to proceed on syria but candidate obama avoid he had approved? and no. does he have a constitutional authority to act without congress? the "a team" is here next. do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet?
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lori: last night we spoke with the author wrote a new book called the war on football but that frivolous injury lawsuit it is hurting america's game. >> but those who played in high school and college and other leagues the idea they had a cup of coffee with the
7:52 pm
nl it -- and fell to save their brain damage occurred there it is hard to believe those that played in the strike just for a few games or the back up kicker's suffered a brain injury. lori: today a federal george -- a federal judge announces a deal over concussion related brain injuries it will pay $365 million to pay for medical exams and underwrite research. the top story today the obama id ministration briefing for key lawmakers for the use of chemical weapons finished 10 minutes ago and a source says the administration will disclose the unclassified reports on the matter to the public tomorrow. joining me now is the "a team." and a member of the senior staff from georgetown university, will come to you
7:53 pm
both what happens tomorrow with this over the weekend? >> american needs more details the vast majority don't know what the endgame is. what is a strategy, who were we helping? we have no real allies and we stand to lose all lot more. and with that intent to if this is just about going for a couple of-- looking like he was doing a good job that could bite us in the behind. lori: the president said he is just looking to take the shot across the about. where you satisfied at all? >> she is right. the president has not made the proper groundwork as to why it was necessary but just a few hours ago we saw
7:54 pm
the british parliament with the prime minister's attempt to get on board that does not bode well before congress this with the president do what the prime minister did? will he go before congress or the american people? this is a huge letdown with their most valued ally turns its back for what should be done in interceding with chemical weapons. lori: that is so important but the president claims the interest he with the national security he can act unilaterally without the approval of congress. >> i don't agree and i give credit to people like ted cruz and rand paul say this is not expected cool -- it's of the behavior of this needs to be debated constitutionally we can declare war we have to talk
7:55 pm
about this and take this seriously. you cannot just do this on a whim to make ted decision that has far reaching implications without sitting down to talk about it. lori: meanwhile they say they have all this time to prepare. >> we have been down this road before with saddam hussein. when things started to heat up they said that the weapons inspectors in and by that time it had moved. so al-assad says invite the inspectors in to buy time but the president said we would do something what does that tell -- al-assad? start moving the assets out in the personnel out? so we did not lay the proper groundwork. the war powers act never has been challenged to the supreme court is much easier
7:56 pm
for that president to do if it is popular because it is not popular. >> it does not and will for hear this is what obama needed to take a strong leadership position on a long time ago. items see a clear allied i think it is massive chaos i am worried about israel and the potential implications of brushes involvement and it is serious. i don't see the imminent threat with the president can decide how he will do that without congress. lori: we becoming more energy independent deal thank we can just not engage at all just because we are more independent? or is israel a real concern? >> that is our first and best concerned because of our allegiance to the
7:57 pm
democracy in the region that is falling apart. lori: okay thanks. we are running down the clock. i apologize. that is it for lou dobbs tonight. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
7:58 pm
help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is att. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring cenr, whe experts
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watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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♪ neil: tonight, fast food workers getted hosed, not by the bosses, but by unions' bosses. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and this was the scene across the nation today, minimum wage workers at mcdonald's, wendy's, and burger king walked off the job to pound the pavement for higher wages, a lot higher, doubling the minimum wage, and they it's their right and right thing to do. i have to stop here because i'll go long tonight to tell all of you striking workers, because this is for you, it's not your right, and it is the wrong thing to do. trying to help you here. here's why. the only ones you are helping are the service

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